Monday, July 25, 2011

Life changes

The cleanse my husband and I embarked on last monday was certainly life changing. And nothing could have prepared us for this amazing journey. I am so thankful that both Rob and I did it together so we could grow stronger and closer together.
What started as a 12 days cleanse has lead us to make permanent food choices changes.
Let me explain!!!!
Our goal was to eat raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as lightly cooked (steamed) vegetables, lean animal protein for 4 days then reduce the nuts and seeds and eliminate the lean meat protein. We felt so good after 4 days that we decided to stay with this diet, we have no mood swings, slept better and less hours, got along better (I mean, actually enjoyed each others company and had fun together) and rob was more focus while I was less controlling.
Sunday, which was day 6, we thought we would have some really good bread from great harvest, Honey whole wheat. I added a variation of butter, Rob added peanut butter and homemade jam. This was not a good idea as we discovered a few hours later... I was irritable, Rob was not focused and short tempered. We are trying to figure out if it was the bread, the wheat, the sugar of the jam, the combination, the lack of fruit ad vegetable to balance it out, we are not sure yet.
Then we had a nice dinner with a little wine from California. The menu was a green salad with homemade vinegrette and nutritional yeast, spaghetti zucchini, wild caught fish (which I didn't eat), a stuffed clam and a homemade dessert with freshly picked blueberries.
We went to bed a little late, and I woke up so tired and cranky, just like I did for the past several years when on my old diet. Again, I am not sure if it is the wine, dessert, stuffs or the combination, but I don't like it at all.
I may have to eliminate the wine. Saturday night, I had a couple of glasses of rose from France and felt fine the next day, so maybe it's the crap that is added to the American wine that I don't tolerate anymore, I am not sure but I am looking for the answers and I know that my body will tell me!!!

I am grateful for my husband who embark on this hard road with me, he was in for 12 days and has now decided to be in for life, that's admirable. And he is so sold on this, he will tell anyone who wants to listen. I love it.

We have learnt to listen to our bodies, to make things simple, to live life, to be thankful and to love one another, what else can we be asking for?

I am happy to share more with anyone interested in reaching their health goals, it's so worth it.
Love and peace, Sev

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